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Hitsugaya Toushirou

March 31, 2009 - Present

[Hitsugaya seems to have defaulted to audio transmissions throughout this fiasco. It's quicker than text and not as distracting as video. Thus it's no surprise that when Hitsugaya addresses the network, the message is in audio format. Except there is no address.

Sounds of chaos and battle are everywhere. That and a noise not unlike air being sucked into a void, is all that be heard for several seconds. Finally, something closer slices through the cacophony. A jarring clatter, the loudest, is followed by a particularly softer sounding crunch and a metallic ringing. The first must be the PCD itself. The second, many will recognize as a body slamming into the ground, and the third, as a sword hitting pavement.

Then, buried amongst the destructive pandemonium of Ekpyrosis, shallow breathing.

Report 120 [Accidental Video]

[At this point, it sometimes seems as if Hitsugaya is in the wastes more than he's in the city. Yet again, the PCD has caught him out and about, but the focus is not on him. His legs are all that can be seen in view aside from a growling sabre-toothed cat running straight toward him. But it's not Hitsugaya's voice that can be heard, nor is it Hitsugaya's legs that sprint determinedly into view. It's Hinamori's.]

Bakudou #9: Geki!

[Red light envelops the big cat, paralyzing it as Hitsugaya pushes forward, brandishing his blade low to the ground. He easily slides the length of the feline and eviscerates it cleanly, then stands up to clean Hyourinmaru.]

This will do, right?

Eeeh? Oh. Right. Yes, alright.

[Hinamori seems hesitant to disfigure the animal further, but she doesn't voice any complaints as Hitsugaya walks around to the front of the cat. The feed ends just as he cuts off one of the cat's long, sharp teeth.]

Report 119 [Accidental Video] 1AM

[The feed opens to Hitsugaya, awake at this ungodly hour and glaring down at a piece of paper laid out on the kitchen table. The candle on the table lights his face, but the paper is out of view. He's mumbling to himself and methodically crossing things out with his pen.]

Impossible. [Cross out.] Network places him elsewhere. [Cross out.] Impossible. Impossible. Impossible. [Cross out. Cross out. Cross out.] No alibi. [Silence.]

[He stares down at whatever is written on the sheet of paper for some time before he finally sighs and leans back in his chair. Slowly he closes his eyes, raising one hand as if planning to fire a kidou spell. He doesn't, of course, but...]

If I died there, would it...?

[He's silent for a few more seconds. Then he takes a breath and opens his eyes, leaning over the paper once more.]

Doesn't know how to wield a knife. [Cross out.] No alibi. No alibi. Impossible. Impossible. Impossible. [Cross out. Cross out. Cross out.]

Report 118 [Video]

[All that's visible is a cloudy sky and a small hand coasting over the PCD. It's obviously lying flat on the ground, but the question is why. The hand moves over the device as if feeling its way across the buttons instead of seeing them, and indeed, the owner of said hand and his eyes are no where in view.

After a moment, he manages to send coordinates.

((ooc: He's trapped beneath a rockfall in the wastes. Also, he's preeeeetty sure he knows his death price now. Hence why he's still trapped.))
[Hitsugaya is sitting up in a clinic bed, though the way he bites his lip for a moment suggests that maaaaybe he shouldn't be. That, however, isn't what's surprising. What's surprising is that after his ordeal, he appears to be his usual annoyed self. He looks as if Sasuke has just informed him he needs to lighten up for the umpteenth time, not as if someone has recently stabbed him to death. He frowns at the PCD, brows furrowing in confusion masked by frustration.]

...This isn't funny.

[Be gentle. He's pretty sure it's still Monday and that someone is playing a joke on him.]

Report 116 [Accidental Video]

[The surroundings are quiet, definitely too open and empty to be within the city walls. After a moment, Hitsugaya walks into view with a handful of apples and sets them down on the ground. All except one. He throws it into the air once and then catches it, giving it an appraising look. Then he pulls out Hyourinmaru.

The determined shinigami takes a deep breath before sending the apple flying as fast and as far as he can. Hastily, he releases shikai, ice erupting all around him. He's clearly not interested in that, however, as he pushes forward and slices the apple in half with his blade before it hits the ground. Not ten seconds later, he's tossing two more apples into the sky, slicing the zanpakutou horizontally so that two, and only two, spikes of ice rise from the ground to snare their prey midfall. Another apple, another attempt to focus an attack on one small target. Another apple, another effort to increase his ability to leave his allies unharmed. Another apple, another mental image of Aizen's face.

This is going to continue for a while. He has a whole pile of fruit to demolish one by one, and he's not stopping until he's made apple sauce.

Report 115 [Video]

[Hitsugaya is sitting on top of a pile of five felled pine trees. They've been stripped of branches but untouched aside from that.]

If anyone has experience carving wood, your aid would be appreciated.

[Why, you ask? Yeah no. You're actually going to have to ask.]

Report 112 [Text] 12:05AM

[At exactly midnight, the moment the event ends, a wave of frigid energy bursts outward radially from Juubantai House in the Northwestern Quarter. Christmas in July.

Five minutes later...

You are not under attack. It is under control. The storm will end shortly.

[Yeah, no. That's it.]

Report 110 [Accidental Video] 2AM Friday

[The PCD hits the ground with a jittering thunk, settling into a view of Juubantai House's kitchen counter from the floor. The reason for this is readily apparent, seeing as Hitsugaya is precariously balanced on the edge of said counter. A single candle on the counter itself is the only light in the room, so it's difficult to see, but the small shinigami appears to be reaching for the top shelf of a cabinet.

The most obvious problems are that the cabinet itself juts out of the wall almost as much as the counter does and that Hitsugaya Toushirou stands at a whopping 4'4. Hitsugaya can run, he can dodge, he can wield a blade. He can land on top of a damn sword just long enough to get a swing in at your face. But long-term balancing acts are not one of his specialties. When he grabs at the handle of a pot, it does not do him the courtesy of staying in place.

As the stacked pots slide off of the shelf, Hitsugaya finds himself doing exactly the same. Pots and pans, cooking utensils clatter to the ground, and Hitsugaya curses loudly at the resounding thud that follows. The cacophony it creates could wake the dead and probably will, but the PCD cuts out when Hitsugaya's shoulder lands squarely on top of it.

Report 109 [Video]

[Hitsugaya is lounging, where else but the roof, and while he doesn't seem particularly content, he's certainly made himself comfortable. Surrounding him are a wide-variety of books from history to mythology to legends to fairy tales. In fact, he has three volumes open in front of him, all about midway through their extensive lengths.]

If anyone has found a book of names, I'd like to borrow it.

[He's not even looking at the PCD as he says it, thoroughly engrossed in his reading. After that, he shuts it off.]


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